"To enhance and institutionalize the e-Extension system in agriculture, fisheries, and natural resources for optimal application, utilization and exchange among users and partners."

Department Order No. 03 series of 2007 designates the Agricultural Training Institute as lead agency for the provision of e-Extension services in collaboration with the various agencies, bureaus and organizational units of the DA. This is to integrate and harmonize ICT-based extension delivery system for agriculture and fisheries.

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These are following online certificate courses available.

Yummy Yam: Ubi Production

online course on ubi production

Online Course on Yam Production

This is a beginner's course on yam or ubi production. Ubi is a common ingredient for confectioneries and desserts, including the popular halu-halo. Ubi is processed as jam and other local delicacies. It is commercially grown for ubi powder and flour. This course introduces you to the various varieties and how to grow them.

This online course is developed by ATI-RTC7 based in Bohol, the country's ubi capital.

Working Together Works!

online course on community organizing

Online Course on Community Organizing

This online course aims to introduce the different concepts of Community Organizing (CO) as well as the various processes in implementing CO. With Community Organizing as an integral part in the development of a community, the course will be a helpful tool for agricultural extension workers (AEWs) that are immersed in the communities.

This online course is three modules long with end of module test after each module. The online course is developed and maintained by ATI-RTC11

Basic Agricultural Marketing Extension

online course on agricultural marketing

Online Course on Agricultural Marketing for Extension

This course is for Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) assigned in Local Government Units (LGUs). Quite commonly, marketing problems are currently regarded as beyond the scope of AEWs who are the officers in direct contact with farmers. Even when AEWs are able to identify marketing problems faced by farmers, their lack of expertise in this field or knowledge of appropriate sources of assistance makes them unable to help.

The course aims to address this gap. You can complete this course in one month.

Corn Production: From Seed to Seed

online course on corn production

Online Course on Corn Production

This course is developed by the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center 1 primarily for Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) assigned in local government units (LGUs) who have not yet attended any training course on corn (whether Corn Specialists Training, Training of Trainers or Farmers Field School). The course covers the major management practices in corn production, broadly divided into four modules.

This course is developed and maintained by ATI-RTC1.

"Walang Aray sa AI": Artificial Insemination in Pigs

online course on artificial insemination in pigs

Online Course on Artificial Insemination in Pigs

If you want to learn the 'ins' and 'outs' of the AI technology, then this course is for you. This online course would enhance your knowledge on all aspects of AI in pigs, from semen collection to insemination. It has 5 modules to enable you to understand the processes involved in implementing a successful AI operation.

Each process is discussed in details and supported with pictures, videos and illustrations to reinforce learning.
This course is developed and maintained by the International Training Center on Pig Husbandry.

Production of High Value Crops in Greenhouse

online course on producing crops in greenhouse

Online Course on Producing Crops in Protected Conditions

Though protected vegetable production requires bigger financial investments than the conventional practice, it promises better quality and yield of high value crops when combined with other technologies such as best seeds, proper water management, and integrated pest management. This course introduces you to the rudiments. You can complete the course in two months. There's an activity too where you can formulate your own environmentally friendly pesticide.

This is developed by ATI-RTC3.

Organic Fertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture

online course on organic fertilizer

Online Course on Production and Application of Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers have been known to improve the biodiversity and long-term productivity of soil; also it has been a good alternative for the high-cost commercially-based fertilizers. According to Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) the demand for organic fertilizer has been on a steady rise since 2004. This course will tackle the step by step procedures of making organic fertilizer such as Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ), Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ), Fish Amino Acid (FAA) and Tea Manure.

This online course is developed by Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD) and the Agricultural Training Institute-Central Office (ATI-CO)

Savoring the Green Brew: Arabica Coffee Production and Management

online course on coffe production

Online Course on Arabica Production

This course presents the A-Z of growing high quality Arabica coffee in the Philippines. It starts with seed selection, crop production management, harvesting, postharvest processing, and ends with marketing.The knowledge learned from this course will be supplemented with field demonstrations and supervised practicum by selected collaborators and partners.

This course is developed and maintained by ATI-CAR.

Auspicious, Vandaceous: Growing Vanda and Vandaceous Orchids

online course on growing vandas

Online Course on Growing Vanda and Vandaceous Orchids

You will be allured with the beauty and radiance of the Vandaceous orchids as you explore the business prospects of it. This course would include business opportunities and simple measure of profitability, the general characteristics and types of Vandaceous orchids, cultural management, propagation methods, pest and disease management, harvesting and postharvest handling technology.

Vermicomposting: Turning Trash to Cash

vermicomposting online

Online course on vermiculture.

This course will provide you with the basic knowledge you'll need to engage in vermicomposting, or at the very least use vermicompost in your own crops.