"To enhance and institutionalize the e-Extension system in agriculture, fisheries, and natural resources for optimal application, utilization and exchange among users and partners."

Department Order No. 03 series of 2007 designates the Agricultural Training Institute as lead agency for the provision of e-Extension services in collaboration with the various agencies, bureaus and organizational units of the DA. This is to integrate and harmonize ICT-based extension delivery system for agriculture and fisheries.

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These are following online certificate courses available.

Lika! Usap Tayo

online course on human communication and relationOnline Course on Effective Human Communication and Human Relations

Kung ikaw ay nagnanais na mapabuti pa ang iyong kasanayan sa pakikipagtalastasan at pakikipag-ugnayan sa kapwa, ang kursong ito ay para sa iyo. Sa mga Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs), ang pakikipagtalastasan at pakikipag-ugnayan sa kapwa ay isang pang-araw araw na Gawain at kung higit na magiging epektibo ang pagsasagawa ng mga ito, mas maraming magsasaka at mas maraming tao ang maliliwanagan sa mga impormasyon at teknolohiyang nauukol sa pagsasaka at pangisdaan. Ang “online” na kursong ito ay nakasalin sa Wikang Tagalog upang mas mabilis na maunawaan ng mga Pilipino.

Seaweed Farming

seaweed farmingOnline Course on Seaweed Farming

Seaweed farming is presently the most productive form of livelihood among the coastal communities in the southwestern part of the Philippines. Throughout the world, seaweed is harvested as a food source as well as an export commodity for the production of agar and carrageenan products.This course focuses on the Eucheuma sp. and the Kappaphycus sp. These are essential sources of carrageen.

Seaweed export is the country’s third dollar earner after tuna and shrimp. At present, the Philippines ranks third next to China and Korea in the world market in seaweed export.

Getting the Big Bucks: Guide to Grant Proposal Writing

Guide to Grant Proposal WritingOnline Course on Grant Proposal Writing

The course offers a guide for grant seekers on writing an effective proposal for funding sources. The course has been developed for both advanced grant writing consultants and inexperienced nonprofit staffs assisting grant seekers, and it includes a step-by-step explanation on how to identify potential funding sources as well as pointers for applying to both private and public funding sources.

Helpful tips and advices are embedded in the course in the form of video clips shared by our subject matter specialist. Sample donor’s guidelines are accessible throughout the course in PDF format for your reference. These will help you get a better view of what funding agencies look for and how you structure your own proposal.

Increasing Corn Farm Productivity

Increasing Corn Farm ProductivityOnline Course on Increasing Corn Farm Productivity through the Use of Mechanization Technologies

Agricultural mechanization plays a vital role in sustaining and improving agricultural productivity. It enables farming operations more efficient, improve the timeliness of operation, increase cropping intensity and minimizes hard labor in the field. On the other hand, traditional corn farming practices are inefficient, laborious and expensive in terms of production cost.

In the Philippines, corn production is predominantly dependent on manual labor. Except for land preparation and shelling, the other corn operations such as planting and harvesting are done manually. With the adoption of appropriate mechanization technologies in corn production, better plant growth, increased yield, low operating cost and minimized postharvest losses are expected.

Technological Alternatives to Traditional Feeding Management

elearning goat

Online course on Alternatives to Traditional Feeding Management

Stall feeding is recommended as an alternative to tethering or free grazing. Tethering and free grazing sometimes result to poor performance of your goats. Although they are free to select plant species, they do not always have access to the most nutritious feeds. Tethered goats are the most unfortunate of all, since they do not have the option to search and are contented with whatever is available within the confines of their rope. Because of these, their production performance is reduced, making them prone to diseases.

This is a 2-module course on the feeding system that involves confinement of goats and provision of cut forages, concentrates and other feed resources in the pen.

Growing Banana in the Tropics: Cultural Management for Banana Production

growing banana in the tropics

Online Course on Cultural Management of Banana

This Growing Banana in the Tropics course will provide you with the recommended production management practices for banana to enhance yield and eventually help increase income. It includes fundamental topics on production requirements, crop establishment, plant care operation, fruit care, harvestin, cost and return analysis

Insects Away the Alternative Way

online course on applied pest management

Online Course on the Overview of Alternative Pest Management

Agrochemicals offer farmers instant approach to pest management inadvertently neglecting its environmental effects and additional bulk to the production costs.

This course gives an overview on the Alternative Pest Management (APM) for those who are starting and learning the SA farming practices. Parts of the lessons of this two-module course are the overview on pest that focuses on insects and the practices in APM that will help the learner understand that in SA farming farmers can do his or her share in protecting the environment while reducing his production costs.

Mastering the ABC's of Pig Production

online course on swine management

Online Course on Swine Management

This tackles the essentials of care and management techniques for the different stages of pig-raising. Discussion will start from farm production planning activities; management of boars and gilts; management of dry, pregnant, and lactating sows as well as sows at farrowing; management of piglets; care and management of weaner; until up to marketing of pigs.

If you plan to venture in the business of pig production or if you want to improve the management practices in your piggery, this course is a great venue to start.

Straw Mushroom Growing: A Viable Agri-Enterprise

elearning straw mushroom growing a viable agri-enterprise

Online Course on Straw Mushroom Production

Mushrooms are gaining popularity from household consumers to hotels and restaurants as a connoisseur’s delight.

The demand of straw mushrooms both in the urban and rural areas is growing because of people’s preference of eating food which is pesticide-free. The potential of straw mushroom culture is high not only because of health benefits and nutritional values but as well as the availability of indigenous raw materials, small area requirement for growing, less capital needed for investment and potential profits.

Jackfruit Production

online course on jackfruit production

Online Course on Jackfruit Production

This on-line certificate course is for Agricultural Extension Agents or anybody interested to know the ins and outs of jackfruit production. Jackfruit or Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam, locally known as "Nangka" or "Langka" belongs to the family Moraceae. It is cultivated in backyard and large scale operations all over the country.