"To enhance and institutionalize the e-Extension system in agriculture, fisheries, and natural resources for optimal application, utilization and exchange among users and partners."

Department Order No. 03 series of 2007 designates the Agricultural Training Institute as lead agency for the provision of e-Extension services in collaboration with the various agencies, bureaus and organizational units of the DA. This is to integrate and harmonize ICT-based extension delivery system for agriculture and fisheries.

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These are following online certificate courses available.

Mechanized Rice Transplanting Technology

Online Course on Mechanized Rice Transplanting Technology

mechanized rice transplanterRice production in the Philippines is a crucial aspect to the food supply of the country and to its economy. It is essentially an indispensable part to the agricultural sector. Producing rice as efficiently as possible is deemed very important in achieving food sufficiency for the country.

One of the more demanding stages in rice production is the transplanting of seedlings. Compared to the direct seeding method, transplanting requires less seed but much more labor. Mechanized rice transplanting is seen as a solution to lessen labor problems.

This course is developed through a collaborative effort between the Agricultural Training Institute and the Phil-Sino Center for Agricultural Technology based in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

Basic Urban Gardening

Online Course on Basic Urban Gardening

urban gardening

This on-line certificate course is designed for people whose love for gardening is inevitable as well as those who wanted to make their selves loosen up after the pressing work in the bustling metropolis.

With small available spaces and recyclable containers at hand, this course will facilitate their need to maximize existing resources into a productive endeavour where organically grown herbs and vegetables can be produced at their very own homes.

This course is developed through a collaborative effort between the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center 7 in Central Visayas and Bohol Island State University (BISU)-Bilar Campus situated in barangay Zamora, province of Bohol.

Technological Alternatives to Traditional Goat Breeding

Online Course on Alternatives to Traditional Goat Breeding

alternatives to traditional goat breedingThe success of your goat-based enterprise is hinged on the productivity of the animals, which, in turn, is dependent among others, on the type and kind of foundation stocks used. This course discusses the physical, productive and reproductive attributes that your foundation stocks should possess. Likewise, it introduces the different breeds adapted to local conditions that you can use as breeder base.

This is a 2-module course on the alternatives to traditional goat breeding. The first module takes you to the Basic Concepts In Breeding. Module 2 then proceeds with the Options to Improve Traditional Breeding Management.


Hail The Quail!

Online Course on Quail ProductionOnline Course on Quail Production

This online certificate course is for the Agricultural Extension Agents or anybody who may interested to gain from the benefits of quail production. The quail, locally known as pugo, is a small game bird found in tropical, as well as temperate, regions throughout the world. Quails by some distinction are classified as “game" or "hunting” birds and as such, they should not be compared with chicken, whose requirements are different.

Raising of quail can also help to decrease the increasing rate of unemployment. Start it as a small business and later on it becomes a source of primary income.

Taste the Creamiest Cream Dory

pangasius culture and utilizationOnline Course on the Culture and Utilization of Pangasius

The experience begins  from the Cream Dory’s  home... to your home.

Cream dory or Pangasius is a popular menu ingredient in hotels, restaurants and even in homes..  You can have it filleted, crispy fried, baked, herb crusted, breaded and deep fried,  or steamed garnished with chips and vegetables.  Why is there a plethora of dishes and cuisines using cream dory? Learn more about this hot-selling versatile and affordable fish. Are they easily grown and utilized?

This online course is about the culture and utilization of pangasius, commonly known today as Cream Dory.

Online Course on Training Management

training management courseBe A Change Agent, Learn the Art of Training Management

Training is an indispensable component of any human resource management. It has always been equated with improved performance that eventually leads to success or sustained growth. This partly depends on the quality of training provided. Developing therefore a training course that is relevant and responsive to the needs of these resources is always a great challenge for change agents, hence, this course.

This course will introduce you to the world of training and shall guide you on how to undertake training from beginning to end.  It shall cover both the technical and administrative aspects of training organization and management.

Basic Beekeeping

basic beekeepingOnline Course on Basic Beekeeping

Honeybees are probably one, if not the most, organized living creatures on earth. They produce the nutritious golden juice called “honey” to which poets describe as “elixir of life”. Rearing honeybees or beekeeping provides a variety of benefits. If the coconut is considered the “tree of life” because all of its parts have benefits, then probably, the honeybee can be its counterpart in the insect world because almost all its products/by-products has benefits starting from its honey down to its sting. Truly, beekeeping provides economic, health, environmental and social benefits. This course on beekeeping lets you discover these benefits and helps you acquire the basic information in starting your own colony.

Saving The Lost Harvest

Rice Post Production TechnologiesIntroductory Course On Rice Post Production Technologies

This course covers the basic on and off- farm post harvest operations and the recommended practices and technologies for more efficient and effective grain handling to avoid post production losses. It is designed for agricultural extension workers, farmer producers, rice millers and traders and other grain handlers.

This course is developed by the Philippine Center for Post harvest Development and Mechanization, a research and development agency of the department of Agriculture, based in the Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija.

Abaca Nursery Establishment

abaca nursery establishmentOnline Course on Abaca Nursery Establishment

Abaca is well recognized for its functional and ecological importance. It has positively contributed to our economy that expands its market both domestic and export.

Thus the growing demand for abaca increases the demand for planting materials either for newly opened abaca farms or to replenish those that were once destroyed by pests and diseases or to expand existing plantations.

This two-module course introduces the cultural and management practices in establishing an abaca nursery that includes site selection and preparation, propagation techniques, fertilization, maintenance and harvesting.

Treasure in Threads

Piña Fiber ProcessingOnline Course on Piña Fiber Processing

Piña cloth is conquering the world of fashion both locally and internationally. The demand for the delicate material is growing that there is a need for more piña fiber producers to get into the market. Be a part of the growing piña fiber industry! Earn extra income at an average of P4,650 per month from hand scraping piña fiber. The course guides you through the age old tradition of extracting fibers from pineapple leaves that usually just go to waste after harvesting the fruit. It covers the following modules 1) Piña Fiber and its Market Potential, 2) Fiber Processing, 3) Economics of Piña Fiber Processing.